The following machines/accessories are currently for sale:

  manufacturer model year  

Heidelberg Vario Feuchtwerksgetriebe MV 027 694 08


Vario Transmission MV 027 694 08 for SM 74



Heidelberg Clamp Bar 00.580.4129.03 for CD 102 - details

KBA Transport sucker M8135590a - details

KBA Side lay curve P0880171 - details

KBA Guide Bar P7940472B for infeed Rapida 106 - details

KBA Transmission L5290284 for Inking zones - details

KBA Button Circuit boards for Rapida machines - details

Mark DSX3600 Refrigeration dryer 2005 details

Simco Anti Static bar from simco fo RA 75 neu details

Bielomatik Oil pump / gear pump ca. 2007 details

Beil Plate punch for RA 142 - details

Trampolin Rewinder for Washcloth for Heidelberg SM74 - details

  KBA Remote maintenance with software  - details

   Bosch/Doga Register adjusting motor for RA 74/105  - details

   Heidelberg CD 74 Dryer Slide  2007 details